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Marko Sijan, Author


"Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, our war machine has joined the West’s two-hundred-year-old battle to sustain our limitless need for energy to power our markets, businesses and entertainment industries. Our CF-18s are bombing Islamic State targets in Iraq, and while thousands of innocent people will have their heads and limbs ripped apart, that will be an accident. Our enlightened moral principle on this matter, though not stated explicitly but rather trumpeted around the world through our actions, is this: better a thousand innocent people die than one guilty beast go free." -- from his satire "We Need War With the Islamic State on Our Own Soil", in Encore Literary Magazine, December 13, 2014

Marko Sijan


Marko co-wrote a script for a short film, Eva Meets Felix, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, 1999. His poems, stories and essays have appeared in publications including Geist, Canadian Notes and Queries, Maisonneuve, and This Magazine. He is a contributing editor at CN&Q. His novel, Mongrel, "a stuart ross book" out from Mansfield Press, was named among the "Best First Books" of 2011 by The Globe and Mail, and long-listed for a ReLit Award in 2012. Marko is working on his next novel.