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Meet Laura

Hi! I’m Laura.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website!

A reformed IT professional, I rediscovered my life long love of photography after my 2 muses, Melissa & Jessica were born.

So, back to school I went and dove head first into learning everything I could about not only how to create the images in my head through a camera lens, but also how to run a successful business. After completing school, up grading computers, software, cameras and lenses, here I am!

There are a lot of truly amazing photographers out there. Let’s find out if I should be yours! Please take some time to look at my Portfolio so you know what I offer and to ensure that my style is what you want.

If you are still here after looking at my work, amazing! Please visit my Sessions page for a description of a session with me, or send me an email if you have any questions.

I can’t wait to see you through my lens!


“Childhood as Art”

I am a “Childhood as Art” photography studio, specializing in photographing children from 2-13 years of age and I take my inspiration for your customized session from your child’s loves, imagination and personality.

What is their favourite animal, song, artist, book, movie, tv show, sport or even mystical creature? – Even their favourite toy can be the inspiration for their special session.

I want to capture your beautiful child at this moment in their lives at their most natural and best. For this reason I use available light styled in a special way that will highlight them the most.

I am an “available light” studio. I am located in Canada and do shoot sessions all year long! Please don’t let the weather or season be a deterrent from arranging a session. In fact some of the best sessions are done when the weather appears to be less than ideal. Fun is a must! So come with an open mind and I promise I will too.

I may ask you to do some crazy stuff, wear or do something that may feel silly, or ask to meet at an odd location. However, I will ALWAYS strive to make the product, your beautiful images, worthy of the fun we will have in the process!


LauraMartinPhotography from Laura Martin on Vimeo.


I’m based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Looking for a session outside of Toronto? No problem!
Send me an email for full details.