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How do I book a session with you? What are the steps?

Easy peezie, email me and I’ll send you my info / welcome package!

Why do you break your prices into ‘session fee’ and ‘products’?

This is to help ensure you get the most out of your session and to allow you to control the cost.

First, your session fee is set (this is also your deposit). Next, you chose the package or products you would like to purchase from your session.

And most importantly, I do this because your beautiful images should not live and die on a hard drive.
Buying just digital images is a waste – Will you ever print them to the highest quality?
Your home should be filled with beautiful images and heirlooms of your family. Out for your friends and family to see.

What do you mean you are a ‘natural light’ and ‘on location’ photographer?

I use only sunlight to light my images, and most of my sessions are at locations that compliment the theme.

Can I see my images unedited?

Just like you wouldn’t ask an author to read the first draft of a novel, I will only show you the final images fully edited.

Where do you source your props?

Everywhere! But I spend a lot of time on Etsy, at H&M Canada Kids, flea markets, friends garages and online photo prop suppliers.

I want some shots that are not in the theme of the session – Is this possible?

Absolutely – I will always set aside some time to take pictures in your everyday street clothes. Want a few shots with Mom and Dad? No problem – just let me know at the time of booking and I will set time aside for that.

I want fresh new outfits for the family – Can you do the shopping for me?

Of course – I just need your sizes.

The cost will be included on your invoice, plus 20% of the before tax cost of the clothing items.

How do you come up with my session theme?

It can be as simple as an idea you have, or something I dream up – usually after a few questions from me.

If you don’t like what I’m planning – just let me know!
We can always adjust or change your session.

Can I just buy digital images?

We do offer the sale of the images from your session with some of our product packages.

They can be downloaded via our website upon payment for your package.

What do you mean you still own the pictures you took of my family?!

This is a federal law that protects artists and creative businesses.

To read the full bill, please click here; Bill C-11

And here is a little more reading on the subject.

Can I share my images on my social media accounts?


As long as you use the watermarked version, do not print those versions, do not use them for advertising / marketing (unless previously arranged), and credit Laura Martin Photography on all images posted.
A simple hashtag will do, but we love when you use our website url.

Can you photograph my wedding?

I have a list of highly recommended photographers that I’d be happy to share. just shoot me an email to

How do you accept payment?

We accept cash, email transfer and personal cheque and credit card (via Square).

Whats you stance on Photoshop-ing images?

Photoshop most certainly has it’s place in a lot of kinds of photography. Is it massively over used? – A lot of the time yes!
I tend to use it only when needed. If there’s a pesky garbage can in an amazing shot? – I’ll remove it. Got a pesky pimple on photoshoot day, it can be fixed! But if it’s part of YOU on any other day – I won’t touch it.

Will I never change a persons face, waist, arms, legs – basically, I will not change you.

You and your child are perfect as you are – some incredible clothes or props, a great hair style, some beautiful light and that’s all I need to show you that.

What camera / equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D750 (full frame) camera.